LOTUS L88.06

As a young designer, I introduced myself to the Olivari
brothers by proposing a handle so minimal, it almost
disappeared. The idea won them over immediately,
and they enthusiastically lent their support to develop
 it. It wasn’t easy. The thin profile of the lever needed
to enter into a relationship with the thickness of the rose.
By joining the forms and surfaces along the horizontal
plane in the most fluid way possible, we succeeded in
 designing a handle that we could describe as being
 quasi non-existent. Javier Lopez

SKU : L88.06-CR / L88.06-CO / L88.06-DS / L88.06-US
Product Type :
lauf interior materials

Other Color :

Dimension W 51 * D 62 * H 51 MM.
Color L88.06 - 4 colors
Method Of Installation