Marilyn is part of the organic and sinuous design language wielded by

MAD Architects and its leader, Ma Yansong. The soft, curvaceous shape

of the handle is reminiscent of the innovative form used by MAD for

the Absolute Towers in Toronto, which local residents have nicknamed

the Marilyn Monroe Towers. Easy, elegant lines start off the twist to

ergonomically meet the hand as it grips the lever. The approach is a

balanced search for equilibrium between solids, voids and shadows of

different depths. Marilyn’s functional torsion emphasises the high level of

connection between architecture and industrial design.

SKU : L88.07-CR / L88.07-US / L88.07-CO / L88.07-DS
Product Type :
lauf interior materials

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Dimension W 151 * D 67 * H 51 MM.
Color L88.07 - 4 colors
Method Of Installation