UOVO L88.10

The Uovo (Italian for “egg”) is the brainchild of Ambrogio

Olivari.We needed a small knob with an elegant shape.

To obtain it,asthe name  reveals, he simply used an egg.

To produce it, we cast it using shell moulding with a sand

core, a technique that allowed us to achieve a large exterior

surface and a hollow body.This reduced the amount of

material needed, lowered costs and lightenedthe weight

(in order to not weigh down on the mechanism).The model

was extremely successful and is still part of our range.

SKU : L88.10-CR / L88.10-NP
Product Type :
lauf interior materials

Other Color :

Dimension W 94 * D 82 * H 47 MM.
Color L88.10 - 2 colors
Method Of Installation