VOLA L88.11

“Having known the architect for years, his very rational and controlled

style, we were surprised when he presented his prototype in white plaster,

which expressed a strong and dynamic concept. We loved it, it was a

concept that was missing in our collection. Now I can say that it was one

of the projects that engaged us the most, with many, many prototypes,

in search of an aesthetic balance that harmonised technical production

and ergonomic needs. We are satisfied with the result and have chosen an

evocative name for this handle, which immediately expresses the idea of

its shape “. AO

SKU : L88.11-US / L88.11-ZL / L88.11-CR / L88.11-CO
Product Type :
lauf interior materials

Other Color :

Dimension W 149 * D 64 * H 57 MM.
Color L88.11 - 4 colors
Method Of Installation